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Chest shriveled husband and I divorce


私は公平に見て、彼女に会う約束をした、彼女は故意に彼女の髪をひっくり返すことなく、コケティッシュを着て、独自の利点を示していました。自分を見て気づいた、赤ちゃんを持って、私は本当に彼らのイメージに注意を払うませんが、娘の世話を乳母のようなのような一日に自分自身を捧げることを決して、彼女は、形状から完全に外にある結婚後、授乳になっており、彼の顔に黄ばんだ、私は完全に異なる行った事がある、素朴な時代遅れの服を着せる。突然、私ははっきりと理解しているようだ、それは長年ので、脆弱な感じの私たちの長年の モンスター ビーツ Heartbeats ブラック ヘッドホン、誘惑の表面の面で非常に脆弱な家族の豊かさを維持することはできますか?私の涙を考えるに役立つが、フローすることはできません。



赤ちゃんを見て自宅でこの話題に話をする良い友人が、私は彼女に問題を抱えた人の心を伝え、彼女は突然私を中断し、言った: "みんなの憲法はあなたを補うために、異なる場合は、表面的な点灯しないまた、各個人の年齢、体力、内分泌、吸収などが密接に関連しています。人間の体はなぜこれほど困難である、非常に複雑であるために、個々の状況に基づいている必要があり、開発しています。 "個人とメソッドに適した、彼女は、ああ、またこの男の胸は、人が従事されており、また今彼女を見て、不思議を教えてくれない、古くからの友人なので、あまりないエチケットです。私は注意深く彼女を観察し、彼女の胸は本当に以前よりはるかに大きいと本当に羨望なりになって見つけて下さい!

その後、彼女はオンラインで人気のある製品の彼の専門は、彼女の最初の使用を紹介してくれた - 赤ワインパパイヤスープ(公式ウェブサイト:WWW Gao8 hjmg / NET)、プロセスの使用は、インストラクターが各個人に基づいて行われます憲法は明確な目的の個人のために調整されています。だけでなく、非常に明白な、美しさ モンスター ビーツ Heartbeats レッド ヘッドホン、栄養陰と内分泌機能の調節があります。しばらくの間使用され、それは実際に非常に効果的です。誰かとの努力の6ヶ月後、順番になっていることを言ってインストラクター。胸が今は75Dカップに昇格しないでも、友人の周りはるかに以前より精神との色の人々が、私は大きく変わったと言う。


by handbagwiki | 2012-03-17 18:32 | Life

Broke up please do not care about me

Last month broke up with her ​​boyfriend. He is especially good to me. Before with our feelings of good, and seldom quarrel. Can be divided into before, and later he came to me, and good. The reason for the split, he said his family did not agree with us, I asked why his family do not want to, he did not say that afraid of hurting me.

He said friends now, although I think can not be friends after breaking up to do, but he give me a call to send text messages I received, and back. But I never do not take the initiative to find him. His care Sometimes I feel back to the past, sometimes a pot of cold water poured down. My heart really tangled. I leave him? Or was he joking with me, I do not take it seriously?

Now he is in NJ, while I was at home almost every day he gave me a call. Always comes to the things in the past. But if I mentioned back together, he said we can not, on the other hand, is also so good to me. In the end is how ah? I do not fight back?

Anyone face to break up, requires a transition period, the performance of your ex-boyfriend may be caused by this transition period. Did not find a new relationship that can be pinned and can not be completely put down the old feelings. In general, as long as he began a new romance, and that dependence will greatly reduce, or even disappear.

Since your ex-boyfriend always denied back together, and you may, I suggest you put down the hope that it completely. If you think that his frequent contact interference, it may as well tell him you need some time to calm yourself, ask him not to contact their own. The feelings of the most taboo dragging its feet, so if the other party is decisive is not up, it is up to you to play the decisive role.
by handbagwiki | 2012-03-15 15:35 | Life

Do not falling in love in my bed

Love one-night stands, women always like to ask your own man love in bed? Only one man's answer, but you absolutely can believe him seriously: I love you, if I do not love you, will not sleep with you, I will not have sex with a woman did not feel.
Women do not these words be complacent, if you take the lower body of a man with animal, will be an insult to those lovely animals, man that stuff than their own imagination, but also more fragile, he said this , but want you more than hard on the bed.

Woman in bed talking about love is the most irrational, and wake up the next day to see his cold face, you will find yourself deceived. In bed, sex is sex with each other physiological needs, do not talk about cheap and I like to pretend noble love. Can never be a woman like a man so cunning, they like a businessmen to have sex when trading only took the goods and then refused to pay to you. Women are not like men, sex was not so open, always thought that a woman on the bed is the love even if raped by the men usually get along, meet again, do not hate him, and I thought I loved him, because He became the man of her own body.

The spectator always said, a woman in love is the most stupid, the IQ is almost zero. Often looked for love and sex could not tell a woman to feel distressed. She was very tough love men, not knowing that men only want her body to endure a very tough battle.

Sometimes I really do not understand, since ancient times, women are very narrow-minded, with the exception of men and love to appear tolerant, so that men more insatiable, a man, not only the special situation of a woman, even if our great poet Hsu Chih-mo is also true Hsu Chih-mo and Youyi in SARS Dayton living, he has two years to London's girlfriend Miss Shall, one day this woman to bring home to meet with Zhang Youyi, she hinted, he intends to marry Miss Ming do two of the wife.
The Youyi think so: for he had a son, and serve his parents, and I will always be the first wife. I swear, I detached Zhimo forced me to accept this insult to the solemn and noble gesture, in this woman's attitude is firm and easy-going, not to show jealousy or anger.

Later, Hsu Chih-mo has a crush on Huiyin insisted on a divorce. The Youyi know the irreparable said: "I can not bear to suffer is not willing to let themselves into the the inoffensive role. Allows you to be happy, I willingly make sacrifices."

The time of divorce, the Youyi pregnant body, she describes herself as: "Hsu Chih-mo alone lost in the SARS Dayton: I is a fan of a" fall ", is being abandoned by his wife at this time, I consider To break the lives of themselves and their children, and I think I simply disappear from the world. "
I almost cry looking at this passage, the woman of the world are kept in love silly, do not know in the end his own where?
Hsu Chih-mo fall in love with Huiyin, in Cambridge, London, he told her confession: "emblem because you know what? My father sent me abroad to study, to my future in the financial world with you, I always wanted to write poetry. "
Later, Hsu Chih-mo, so LiuXiaoMan confession: "I have no other way, I have love; no other genius is love; no other capacity, just love."

In this case, what woman answers for everything? Now all the men around us, all of them are renewable Republican-emotional poet are poetic, they sweet talk a woman knitting, who heart to write it down, you will find that their talent will not lose Xu Shima, a woman is no wonder that a man's lower body plug the pain also insist that is a pleasure to die how many times to understand, however.
In the final analysis Zhimo grass is always greener secular men, and the world not only did the poets of the fickle what to blame, but also that he is a man Ganaiganhen true nature of his hold in admiration. Hsu Chih-mo's poetry is of course the United States, from the world of these three hard while he has roots known to have been, he discarding inconstant love there is nothing to us to advocate? Every man he is lucky, also has a few peerless woman, all of them also early became the "poem's name far and wide" poet.

People just like Hsu Chih-mo's verse, but also like a beautiful love story, solid to put on his gorgeous coat, let him become a beautiful and dressed in sheep's clothing wolf? Woman's feelings are fooled, this man and his poetry, like the United States, but it is also useless. The men just want to enjoy the happiness of love and physical pleasure? Unwilling to bear the responsibility of life.
With I talk of Nvwang of recently, most of them are pure young girl suffered marriage mature men, they are heartbroken to hate the monarch to marry is not met, and infatuation to said to me, we love.

In fact, I would like to say, for men, sex can also be called love, you love him give you a false lie, he loved the young body. If a man really loves you, he will have two options, he would at all costs and his wife divorced, and then marry you, but you will inevitably encounter the same fate of his wife; that he would never touch you body, and even his feelings will not be expressed, because he did not want to hurt you.
Sometimes, a woman's love is just a one-man show, self-direction, wanted to moved to think more and not more sad, can be called love, we love too much, too invested, even the man with his lies and body go away early from his own side, do not even know.

If you play in this game, playing the love with a man in bed Mama Pretty, increase the point of mood after the dawn of a bra strap, one step ahead than men strolled away. If not afford that, no licensing before the other chips with men holding the body in bed talking about price counter-offer, the only real man marry you truly love you, to be eligible and you talk about love in bed.
by handbagwiki | 2012-03-12 15:54 | Life

A nice ring to epic proportions blind date change sad

"Junior high school to talk about objects, and parents a variety of impeccable high school to talk about the object, the parents all kinds of burning bridges. University found that do not result in the object, my parents started a variety of out of nothing ... Now, in order to reach the thousand arrows shot effect, they continue to The serial arrangement of locks each meet only know that the introducer mouth make people reluctant to leave my sister looks all kinds of southern barbarian invasion. phase finally a good last pilfering during the Spring Festival, this applied three killed The term then became older single young men and women keen to ridicule. New Year back home, but also inevitably some indiscriminate bombing of the introduction of relatives and friends blind date. Most afraid of the family to ask: "object?" Ordinary young or the young artists, if not a formal or satisfaction of male and female friends, then let his family, in all likelihood escape forced recruitment like forcing a blind date fate.

Pro, lunar new year holidays are arranged blind date?
A nice ring to epic proportions
27-year-old Guangzhou girl Xiao Huang a Chinese New Year "introducer" took aim. Short break, she was the arrangements relative to a "force to engage in IT. With several previous blind, this is met below.

"In fact, I need a sense of security people and I hope that someone can have a sense of responsibility, organized, give me guidance, preferably tall, extra baggage, low-key." Speaking of mate selection criteria beats by dre studio transformers headphones, Xiao Huang lamented their own living area house did not seem such a "variety".

Wang in Beijing just last year graduate currently serving a particular sector, the work to be regarded as stable scenery. "If you want to find a sister, their own circle and not the life circle and basic students and play, that introduce students to more reliable, they meet to look at the chant." His intimate experience with the usual large ones meet, eat, chat and discovered that the wrong way, but talked and talked.
That sister looks not very pretty, but it can also be a nice person is more at the more inappropriate. "He said," her rare knowledge, the best is the usual love reading. Sorry, I love playing football, not all the way to the people. "

"The object of her ideal of the best and mature and wiser, and knowledge, but also know how to hurt people, a successful career best, at least, must have a foundation ... I like the kind of Han also do not think I like her followed like, even if she did not know, then I also support her favorite. "the last two people no one fancy who, then? then ..."

Home reminders borne in
Jiangxi girl Xiao Zhou is also very anxious: graduate from my mother I read, urging me to look at the qualifications, to see his family ... I think my mom asking for too much. "
Xiao Zhou said: "I research a year there is a relative to my family, specially my mother, that I open pro (meaning ready to marry) is not? Said her son with relatives in Xi'an, PhD, a very sub- boys, would like to find at home, both of us especially appropriate, or to exchange it? I leave phone.

"I feel actually quite bad, job insecurity, and good personality, can not cook, so I find that boys fancy me, I think fit, he can but for parents to ask, very depressed. "she said," When talking about a blind date, my brother 29 years old this year, it was awful, do not know relative to the number of all the relatives are anxious to introduce the vision of the brother, then what kind of girls are introduced. "
"Anyway, this blind is too much trouble, a lot of time is that the child did not phase, the phase of the adults may trouble a; phase of the child, the adult phase did not have to trouble a. Told reporters that" Henan girl small static .

"But a good example, sometimes students will also become a disguised form of matching. One of my friends encountered anything like this: two students to crush a long time, meet again, naturally together." Zhou said.
Blind change sad
Friends, "Fortunately, _ blessing happiness about their own intimate experiences, said:" blind date in addition to awkward or embarrassing beats by dre studio superman dwight howard headphones, Fortunately, hold up, people want to call you in order to avoid embarrassment, I said you should call on the line, I would like to add a contact when I found I could not even name of people do not know, had to pretend to find a heart so hard. "

Users "2012luky sigh:" immediately volunteers, talked about the sad reminder of female love, and finally stand up to friends around the bombing of the family, embarked on a blind date road and did not dream. "
First phase of an officer of the same age, two sentences less than people in a hurry and left the next day, relative to a small two-year-old, with talk of psychological pressure that big, always felt old a good old age. Two a stranger abruptly came with that awkward, and smaller than his age ... the blind taste really bad! "she admitted," I'm to get married and get married. always wanted to find older than themselves mature, it seems really extinct. regret not go to school about now regret no salvation, to an awkward age to go where are asked to ask, I can only reply to one: 'sometime ...' collapse ! "

Users "chinacidly2012 said:" Now, after a lot of 85 or singles are afraid to return home New Year, and why? Home has been in the travel arrangements for you, every day, appointment to the next child, full of stars but also married before you situation I would like on the line to the new house, car, tickets ...... blind date turned into a sad, think of all afraid. "
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Full of ideas and the connotation of

Mensao general appearance of calm, silent, but the actual full of ideas and content. Reserved on the surface, not in essence, the passion of the people. Mensao is a roundabout performance, up a realm of subtle, is a prude and a low-key presumptuous.

Dormant in the human body, drowsiness, savings, including but not exposed, Unspoken, timing is mature, immediately regained consciousness, then shock the world. This population is not easily expressed and exposed the personal emotions and emotional changes, but in the particular occasion or environment, tend to show the unexpected. The Mensao is not a derogatory term, from Taiwan or Hong Kong, are emerging slang, its meaning would like to express that heart is desperate and can be very restrained on the surface, meaning is Guzuoshenchen, do not easily reveal their feelings.

Mensao man, Gu name Incredibles is the kind of appearance or seriousness or shy, or pure, but the inner wild wild man. He complies with the moral standards of men: that is, the bones can be romantic, but the appearance must be done gentleman. Not that they like to carry herself like a woman, a man's show is more fitted out, however, is deeply rooted.

Mensao men giving a cold, serious feeling, is this mature and vicissitudes easily confuse a woman's heart. He did not glib, most talented, although they are not good at expressing, but it is filled with tenderness. Only the depth of his heart can truly feel his hot. Within the

Because these men are more shy, more introverted, like dry humor, often stunned the world by their thoughts are very complicated. Them the appearance of pride, will not take the initiative to talk with the girls, the prettier the girl the more they mounted a very lofty, which is the most typical features of Mensao men.

Which is why the women to these men had a strong sense of curiosity, women are actually born explorer, women of all desire to have adventures, which is innate. Mensao man the various manifestations of a woman unable to figure out what he wants? What he was thinking?

Especially when vulnerable women, he will not hesitate, uncharacteristically care about you and love you, he will accompany you to see sunrise and sunset, only for the blog you smile. This is no woman can resist. The Mensao man has been able to confuse the heart of woman because the woman wanted them, mystery and a sense of security. Woman willingly be bewitched

A woman poor and the very life you want to get money and fame, but a security rely on the chest. This is a woman, a simple woman. Man Mensao happens to a woman such a feeling, therefore, encountered such men and women can even take the initiative to cater to them, so not to confuse a woman Mensao men, but women willingly confuse.

In short, this is a highlight of the personality of the era, does not violate legal ethics, anyone can freely stretch and release, as long as you happy like other people say. Some people do not come, Mensao also let go, on the day of the show, that show, so why bother! One to show the same era has arrived!
by handbagwiki | 2012-03-02 16:30 | Life

Are you willing to marry the woman or the woman you love love you

A few years ago, I wrote a blog post, titled "Will you marry the man or the man you love to love you", said from the female point of view to analyze the psychological feelings in the process of love. However, today I write the same kind of this blog, I would like to analyze and look at marriage the orientation of the emotion in this great event in life from a man's point of view, that is how men like to love, or love and not love, and initiative Love told is caught in the boys and girls who love being with the results of passive love emotion.

Though love sometimes does very blind, especially in the love of men and women in emotional expression sometimes is very impulsive, some more outgoing person, always revealing a particularly courageous in the pursuit of love, even if a woman, today's society, the courage to pursue their own happiness is not a shameful thing, so more and more girls are no longer restrained, love will say it out loud. However, in real life, the ideal love, of course I love you you love me, affectionate, mutual devotion to both each other telepathically, they both fall in love, so love is the most romantic this marriage is the most exciting object.

The problem is sometimes encountered in real life, you like her, she did not like you, you do not like her rather desperate pursuit of you, So, the question came, a class that you love hard in pursuit of it has failed to get; a class is the one who loves you, you hate her stalker and you hand in hand, still can not let her give you. Faced with this life situation, is not it will make you often feel helpless, no?

However, it was said, a married love your woman her husband would be more happy, and always she would take care of perhaps; If you marry one you love a woman, usually the husband will be a little more difficult, in turn, whenever and wherever you To see her face to act, but also you go careful to take care of her. Therefore, if you are also faced with this choice of marriage, you will choose what kind of woman to marry?

Marry a love your woman, she will be very tolerant to very tolerant, and she allows you to have their own character, but also able to tolerate her bad temper, in short, she can always and everywhere to show beyond the husband imagine the patience and tolerance, She will be trying to flatter you happy, family atmosphere made warm and harmonious, she will pass on your face change as weather forecasts and pay extra attention, she will live in your emotions and Thus, you will get her gentle and considerate, you will feel a woman should be gentle, but you will treat her as a princess of the same sorts of pet, which makes you feel like to be able to successfully marry her your extremely honored and older son the Jide practice, you will make her extremely dependent increase your life passion.

And she will gradually into a strong guide to the warmth of love, learning to do a little bird camel to accept her husband's all sorts of pet, and to accept and enjoy her husband's love becomes a living habits.

Marry a woman you love this girl often will rarely take into account the feelings of the husband, would be more self even in some things will disregard her husband's feelings, not only from man to accommodate her mate conditions and emotional , called for men to follow her emotions and adjust their own emotions, which slowly lost self, lost his own personality, loss of a discretionary life, and also in the life and economic always and everywhere manifested in every possible way to accommodate. This is not said that this woman is not worth to spend so much effort to love, but she is difficult to have a heart to be able to successfully marry the kind of joy will be felt hard for her to the man of your life together is itself a kind of happiness, it is difficult to feel even if it is to do more housework, even if it is to eat more bitter willingly, after all, is that they can entrust the life-long lover, he is everything.

Such women are often not necessarily love Kuangzhui their men, their love is mostly passive, perhaps not get to choose their love and pursue to their favorite object only, and love marry a man.

Human psychology are often very strange, and more easy to get something more do not cherish, even if it is a rare treasure will not treasure; try all means to do everything possible to get something, even if it is a commonplace debris, but also would cellars in the depths of the soul.

So, if you are unable to select mutually attracted to each other to get married, you will choose to love your woman to get married? Or still insist on going to marry the woman you love?
by handbagwiki | 2012-02-11 18:55 | Life

No one believed the boy

The beginning of the day is a road movie.

Wide Gers prairie, dome-like skies. Into Aba, Sichuan plateau, Gannan front of the green soft scenery is totally not like the Tibetan areas in Qinghai.

The road bumps, the way we waddle through the meadows, lakes, wetlands, one by one. Finally, see the asphalt surface, the car cheers.

Far to see the front fork of the sub-asphalt side of the road rested on a small dirt road. A Tibetan boy stood in the crossway. Speed ​​quickly, while to the side of the boy. The boy was gesturing in front of our car.


Front road. Take that walk. "The boy said, pointing to the piece of dirt road unskilled Mandarin.

We all looked up and looked at the two roads to see the front to continue the fast forward a couple of cars. Pavement difference is too large, which makes us almost did not think about how, under the judgment. Step on the accelerator, we continue to go down along the road. Rearview mirror, the boy looked behind us without expression. Then he turned to the next one high-speed oncoming car.

Drive too fast, loud music. But this only lasted less than three minutes.

Five hundred meters in front of the corners at one end of the road disappeared in a river. This is a new road bridge is not built yet.

The music is fiercely turn off the car and have a moment still. I recall when my stomach was like a violent beat a bit. The sun burning my face. I have walked more than 50,000, this physiological response. The car that everyone did not go to another person.

Car on the wide road suddenly out of the head. The car before us, after the car. Have a U-turn.

BMW, Buick, who Santana, off-road vehicles. Those Chuan A, those Yu A, Cantonese A, ...

Silence in the car back near the child. We parked the car, the boy handed him the fruit and candy, great whispered you. Basking in the sun, wind, boy stood for a long time, lips cracking badly.

The majority of the U-turn vehicle to stop, to hurry, immediately Guaixiang dirt road.

Then came the car smart as ever, and a then a stubborn go speeding along the road.

This lens, in the brilliant sunlight, repeated playback, so many cars from the city. This afternoon is filled with shocked by my own black humor.

In our rearview mirror, the boy is still waving in vain to explain.

But every car destined to go through him twice.
by handbagwiki | 2012-02-09 15:56 | Life

University and some love

In 2007, I went through the college entrance examination, it is a memory I will never forget! In my high school, I had been a good student, but also how much of the Mind is not subject to environmental impact Kennedy got into a bad student!
In that long year when the bad students, all day and a group of bad students lengthy sway in the streets, cafes, billiard room! That is always a crowd of people Niubi Donghonghong swing dangling cigarette East tour West!

Although he did not like the students who took to the road of professional bully big evil evil, but also done a lot of kinds of evil things!

I am frank about a few things I have done!

Day evening the Shennong night, a friend and I idle stroll in a high school (there are several county high schools), road

This time, welcome to my face came a girl, I can not see her face, probably also belong to quite impressive in that class! See her breast violently surging, huge ** like two energetic little rabbit!

When she rub my body ran that moment, I impulse stretched out my hands stopped and hugged her!
Hands of that soft, delicate chest of rabbits above!

The eyes of the girls I still unforgettable, the kind of disgust, fear, contempt is so strong!
She stopped calm down, no push to avoid, to see her so calm, I went to did not know what to do! Face pretended I was a veteran of the face, look you how an air of looking at her!

Girl pointing a finger at my nose: which classes you!

I was one of 12 classes! I do not know how to say, how would say that an answer!
Because at that time I've been in High School!

She said something fiercely: Are you waiting for!
I tit for tat: you go as people, I am waiting.
She turned and trotted toward the classroom building to
She had just turned around and gone, my heart will jump out of the same soft leg ran to the gate direction.

Side running Bianhan the that not far from unknown inside story of the students: flee, flee, do not run a big!

That night, my classmates and I went to his rented room in the off-campus! Eat a watermelon! And then
Together on the top floor to enjoy the cool air to go!

Looking up at the starry sky, and dark and the sky, my fears are so strong!

Although the students to understand the just elapsed, but still curious and even speech reveals the admirable tone asked me: how are you so bold?

You touch her, when your mind is how to think? Is sure to touch?

That night, we talked to the late, but I am showing a relaxed and my fears and the fear of tomorrow contrast is so strong and true!

Two days later, the students and after school smoking and I chat said: You know, I heard that night, dozens of boys throughout the county looking for you, but they do not know what you look like! Just know that you compare thin, wearing white clothes, the hair is very long!

Fear in this matter has finally had a clear sky!

And this is only I have done many bad things in which a

I am now deep to understand: Like attracts like, dividing people into groups correctness of this sentence! In our class, good students and bad students, such as I have such absolute is entirely different, and each node ** to!

Bad students of this small twist is like taking away the soul and ambition of walking corpses, in the cafe during the day, the Internet, chat, Wanpaopaotang, Wan Chuanqi! Money in the classroom or simply sleeping in the bedroom!
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Revealing his incompetence and fear

For example some people in addition to fear of uncertainty, but do not know how to value their own, has been her way of life is to sacrifice her self for the price, you let her change as the fish out of puddles, started life in the land, let us ribs students can immediately fly the same wing. There is a huge paradox: If I really changed, I still me? I still exist? Perhaps pain can make us feel their presence? If they do not exist, the pain does not count ass pain ?

There is also a very important reason. That we in general are very emotional, "cheap". This is a terrible fact, note that I am not talking about you, to say that all of us, the whole of mankind, if you want to exaggerate some, can be extended to the entire planet for all creatures.

What is cheap? That we like to pursue our not, the opposite is sent home, not interested. We received a lot of spam every day and harassing phone calls, each message will tell you, there is not a how a money-making opportunities waiting for you. But you believe it? Not only do not believe in, and filled with a disgust.

If you let your love last long, then you must make sure that it is the other side become "cheap some of the" love comes in the pursuit of those who are not always very "cheap"? Why a certain stage original beats by dre diddybeats red for cheap, the situation on the offensive and defensive reversed? and once reversed, that is, by the pursuit of those who become "cheap" when, tired of the pursuit of those who started.

But I want to tell you, this world, everyone wants to "cheap" because "cheap" is a desire to reveal, but also a hunters attitude, or why men would be willing to jump through hoops in order to pursue a woman, million dead without any hesitation, I have the "animal world" to see the sun of Africa one kind of birds in order to please a female, dance dance for an hour, only for a few seconds of ecstasy.

I insisted that that one hour can be counted as "**" in the process, chase itself is fun, otherwise how do you explain why so noble pursuit of those who are to a certain time, they begin to become "cheap" the.

To be more deeply, you can understand a person's "cheap" is actually born, we are born is a "slut", we can get away with crying, anywhere in the soil, we should drink milk mouth, hand to will embrace, and ton of bricks, and not others refused, rejected, we must adhere to. We are so brazenly showing his softer place, insisting that this is as it should.

When we started with the care? Began to despise their own need to expose this part, and when that is "cheap" it? We encountered setbacks. And those who refuse to hide the hurt that we slowly purely natural self, our noble, but only a layer of protective film, if love came, we could not wait to burst it started the "big cheap special cheap" the.

This is a contradiction, and everyone is scrambling to "cheap", it can do. I want to say is this need to "overall planning" of the. To each other when their cheap, can not deprive the other party want to do, "slut," the sacred and inalienable rights.

You can only do "slut" and do not allow your husband, "slut" authoritarian scene filled in in your life, the results of your husband persecute you, how eager he was to become an "insult" and be "damage", ah, so that some flavors, in fact, I want to say is that your husband need to feel your strong original beats by dre diddybeats pink online, so he can feel safe, he also needs to show in front of you showing his incompetence and fear, inferiority complex and sensitive, while the time of exposure of these, because your presence felt more secure.

In this strange perspective, maybe you are persecuting him, you're too selfish, you are too eager for your "cheap", and to become your husband "cheap" barriers, he of course we wanted you to move away the.

If I do the treatment for you, my direction is to allow your husband to become "cheap" some, you become stronger. Of course, this does not mean you will lose the "cheap" opportunities, I just said, you will be when the "cheap" and sometimes "not cheap", using the wonderful, kept in heart. "Independence is not as cheap cheap cheap cheap."

How to do? Long story, which may be from the start of your behavior patterns. First stop here.

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Ma Yong measures near the guardian of the holy lake

Pilgrimage to Tibet people will go to the mountain Gangrenboqi Mt, go to Mansarovar Lake Mary next turn Yong measures. Mary at the foot of the next Gangrenboqi Yong measures is the first three holy lakes in Tibet, an area of ​​approximately 412 square kilometers, the circumference of the lake 83 kilometers around the lake one week to go 100 km, therefore, measures to turn next to the Chateau Lake Mary take two to three days.

There are many temples around the holy lake, the lake in turn, when pilgrims pray for people to temples and rest, and in the holy lake south of the temple is the holy lake edge if Chu's largest temple. Ma Yong measures next to the endless, almost do not see the surrounding buildings, only the results of Chu Shou Temple quietly beside Ma Yong measures in the holy lake on the edge, as the guardian of the holy lake.

Kailash peak of the second peak - Gangrenboqi
Altitude of 6721 meters of Kangrinboqe is the second peak of the Gangdese mountain peak, which is located in the Champlain County in northern Tibet, Ali, Tibetan Buddhists believe that living in this Chakrasamvara, represents immeasurable happiness, that while Hinduism is that Shiva's residence, is the world center of Tibetan Bon also believe that local here for the birthplace of Buddhism called Sumeru is in this, so the Tibetan Buddhist and Hindu sects such as the Gangrenboqi for the mountain, believers from around the world each year will be thousands of miles to go to worship. Gangrenboqi peak long snow, clouds and mountains often curls, little opportunity to see the whole picture, the mountain is said to be able to see the whole picture, they will bring good fortune.

Ma Yong measures beside the holy lake and Ghost Lake Laon measures
In the southern foot of the mountain Gangrenboqi is beside the holy lake Mary Yong measures and measures Ghost Lake Laon, Laon measures the surrounding grass, no water, fish lagoons, and Mary next to the adjacent Yong measures, the transparency of the highest freshwater lake in China, sweet water, fish a lot, quite amazing. Long time, around the holy lake Ma Yong measures a total of eight next to the temple, followed by color, respectively Dragon Temple, Nie fruit Temple, Temple Chu fruit, fruit ancestral temple, Ji Wu Temple, the Temple Ka, that Temple Lang, benzene Japanese Temple. These temples during the Cultural Revolution have been devastating damage, and later in the mid-eighties, in addition to the Temple Ka, benzene on Temple, the other temples have been rebuilt in the eighties and maintenance.

If Temple Chu
Chu Temple altitude of about 4,500 fruit meters, located in the holy lake Ma Yong measures of the south side, facing the mountain Gangrenboqi, dating back more than 400 years of history, is the holy lake surrounded by large existing temple is holy the lake to save more complete temples. That year, the four branches of the Kagyu Drukpa Kagyu master Jiewa the lake built a small hut, can accommodate only a few monks, mainly for bamboo Bhagavan give faction monks pilgrim on the way in a short break and practice purposes. After a heap come from Tibetan monks, the house extended to four pillars of the temple, and then gradually expanded by the Church, made this fruit Chu Temple.

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