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Three Years To Build 1 Billion In B2c

Outsider status does make CD products in the areas of stress came from the electricity business experienced a roller coaster-like transformation, but in view of its founder, it has nothing to do, and origin. "The nature of the business are similar, as long as you work hard enough to learn." Wenzhou two very understanding of the business of understanding, as they always in an office of an office desk as long.

Rich woman is a small minority, second and third tier cities is the public

Shen Asia, Hong Xiaobo, was founded in 2008, prior to CD products, the two men has more than ten years experience working in business, in short, their foreign trade business is the line version of the B2B: Shen Ya responsible for coordinating communications equipment manufacturers in the country , organized supply, Hong Xiaobo channels for Europe, agents. It is said that around 2000, a 5 RMB yuan of domestic mobile phone accessories, can be sold in Europe, $ 5. "Most of the profits have been the middle of the channel, agents eaten, sold to consumers in China is actually very expensive hands." Hong Xiaobo said.

This business is done at least a decade, they finally did not find this in the future of foreign trade is very hot B2C electronic business business. But for them to accumulate a pot of gold. 2008, the two have to Cheung Kong Graduate School to study, began to wonder what the domestic business opportunities. At that time living in France Hong Xiaobo month from Beijing, Paris, between professors have said to him later, "you spend in the Yangtze River toll fees than you even more!"

The key is where the opportunity. And many domestic Internet entrepreneurs, Hong Xiaobo, Shen Asia with the most simple "routine": What popular websites to see foreign countries. But two people did not feel anything on the Internet at that time, until one morning, get up the Hong Xiaobo 7 is concentrating on the Internet to find his wife, thinking: "covertly from the Internet so early, she thought why?"

A look he realized his wife was French VP buy discount designer clothes. France VP is the first famous electric field limit business buying sites, including almost all the world's designer clothes, there are two selling points: first, brand second is cheap. But requires the user to "specified time" Login to buy. VP is generally open from 7:00 am to sell, some have said with a smile, VP there is a great degree of change in France and Europe, the majority of young women's work schedules, but this is a limit buy site famous charm. Hong Xiaobo and Chen Ya seem to see a "hard demand."

Shen Ya first circle of friends around to do it again market research, such as a friend to ask his wife, his friend's wife, "If online selling discount luxury goods, are you willing to go out and buy it?" The survey are basically the wife of the rich , and the feedback has been very positive: "We are really good looking!"

This allows Shen Asia and Hong Xiaobo very excited. 2008 Spring Festival is over, they immediately form teams and build websites. Shen Asia and Hong Xiaobo's direction is clear, that is, limit buy luxury goods website, they want the French VP, U.S. Gilt model of copying to China. In general, the luxury threshold is the site of a competitive supply, but this not constitute a challenge for Hong Xiaobo, with his work in Europe, living for many years of accumulated contacts, sources hardly threshold. Moreover, he and Chen Ya another advantage: not bad money. They were said to go to Europe to adopt the goods, the next level are million of orders, some of the brand Both of these agents is thought to sweep goods, straight saying that "Chinese people are really rich."
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